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Apurano Pharmaceuticals sells cannabis-based pharmaceuticals that are produced using the patented PuranoTec® manufacturing process to ensure optimal absorption of plant-based active ingredients.

The APIs from Apurano GmbH are registered in the EUDRA-GMDP database by the regional Bavarian government. Due to a narcotics permit according to §3 Narcotics Act, our cannabinoid active ingredients are allowed to be manufactured and handed out to patients by pharmacies as prescription drugs of the CannaXan brand. CannaXan products are therefore not suitable or intended for direct delivery to patients, but require corresponding manufacturing steps in the pharmacy.

A THC-focused cannabinoid nano-formulation is already available as a prescription drug under the name CannaXan 771. In addition, Apurano GmbH will launch a CBD-focused Smartlipid active ingredient in 2023, which will be available under the name CannaXan 773.

Parallel to the marketing of the CannaXan prescription drugs, they are further developed into proprietary medicinal products (see product pipeline)

Below are files containing information about our product, how it is further processed in the pharmacy, and how it is prescribed and applied.

For further questions, please contact our scientific service at: or by phone at +49 8024 46869 70.

If you have any questions about ordering, we are available at or by phone at +49 8024 46869 80.

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